A pasta board that makes dumplings, pasta, and more, while being celiac friendly. The pasta maker, Spatzleboard, is an alternative way to make homemade pasta.Nana's Pasta Maker...
Proudly Made in Canada

New Revolutionary Design
Unlike traditional pasta makers, the Nana's Pasta Maker has a non-stick, dishwasher safe construction, making it easy-to-use and easy-to-clean.

Quick, Easy and Versatile
This tasty traditional German favourite is simple to make and can be a terrific side dish.

Add your own garlic and basil right into the dough. Spaetzle pasta also freeze well so you always have fresh pasta as soon as you boil water. Children love it with apple sauce, and leftovers are great when added to your favorite soup or pan fried in margarine or olive oil.

Free Custom Designed Scraper and Recipes Included
English, French, Spanish or instructions available. A free custom designed scraper is also included with every board.

Health Concerns
For consumers with allergies, Spaetzle provides a welcome, gluten-free alternative to fresh pasta at a low cost.

A Great Gift
Nana's Pasta Maker is a great gift.

One Year Warranty

Use my recipes, your creativity and the "Spaetzle Board" to bring low cost versatility back into your diet. Enjoy!


"The Spaetzle Maker arrived and I made them last night. What a great little device you've got there! Perfect Spaetzles and I'd say less than half the time. Outstanding!
Mark Frank

"I've seen the pictures of the Spaetzle board online and in magazines. It doesn't get the credit it deserves. I did not expect it to be such a solid material. This Spaetzle maker is extremely good at doing its job and in minutes."
Erhard & Monika Mattheas

"I love my homemade gluten-free Spaetzle pasta and I cannot thank you enough for allowing me the pleasure of having them once again."
Debbie Carlsmom

I just received the well designed and constructed SPAETZLE MAKER. Shipped right away... Fast transaction...
Alice White, Ontario

Love the product and great service , thanks a million...
Cindy Cababa, California

Just received the Spaetzle Maker, what a great pasta maker, could hardly wait to use it. Thanks for the fast shipping and smooth transaction.
Hal Verb, Wisconsin

Neat Kitchen Gadget. Love making gluten-free pasta....AAA+++
Lisa Fromia, Florida.

An Essay by Jon, 10 years old,
My Nana’s Spaetzle

Spaetzle is a German noodle that people make from scratch. When my brother and I had to go on a gluten free diet, my Nana came up with a recipe for Spaetzle that we could eat. But gluten free dough is really sticky so she invented a board to help make it. She started to show the board at food shows and she is selling them all around the world now. She has even been on television and done a spot on Food TV. Lots of people couldn't say Spaetzle so she finally called them “buttonelli” so they sound Italian, like people expect noodles to be.

You can eat Spaetzle freshly boiled with a gravy on top or some grated cheese so its like macaroni and cheese. My favorite is to eat them fried with syrup on them so they taste like a fun pancake. When we were little, my brother and I called them “Nana’s worms”. I hope you enjoy them.

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