We  have designed a simple gadget that we call the Spaetzle Board and for a low cost, you can create your own fresh pastas in minutes. The stickiness of gluten-free pasta is no problem and you can add your own garlic and basil right into the dough.Recipe Detail

Low Carbohydrate Spaetzle Dumplings

  • Ingredients
    1 ½ cup Soya flour
    2 tsp Xanthan gum
    3 eggs
    1 ½ cup warm water
    ½ teaspoon of salt

    In a large bowl combine flour, salt, and eggs. Pour water into flour mixture to make a soft dough and stir until smooth (the dough should never be watery).


    In large bowl combine eggs, flour, salt and the half amount of water and mix well (electric mixer preferred) add xanthan gum and the rest of the water. You might use less or more water, because the consistency of the flour grinds vary.

    Bring 8 – 16 cups of water with 1 tsp. salt to a boil in a large pot. Reduce to simmer. Place the Spaetzle Board on top of the pot over the simmering water. Pour a portion of the dough unto the board. Using the plastic scraper, press the dough back and fourth through the board into the simmering water. Remove the board and bring the water to a short boil. The ½ inch long dumplings (pasta) will then float on the top of the water. Remove the pasta with a slotted ladle and pour it into a bowl. Repeat this process until all the dough is used up.


    Cleaning: Just rinse the Spaetzle Board under cold water and place into the dishwasher.

    add 1 Tbsp. Lemon pepper
    ½ cup chopped bacon
    fry the pasta in oil or margarine
    The pasta freeze well
    add grated cheese
    add the pasta to your favourite soup


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