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A pasta board that makes dumplings, pasta, and more, while being celiac friendly. The pasta maker, Spatzleboard, is an alternative way to make homemade pasta.

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Looking for a healthy alternative to homemade pasta? Create the perfect side dish simply and quickly with Nana's pasta/spaetzle board.

This unique and practical spaetzle maker is non-stick dishwasher safe, making it very easy to clean and to use. When your spaetzle are ready, simply rinse the pasta maker under cold water and place it into the dishwasher (even if there is still dough on the gadget) The dishwasher does the rest.

Pasta/Spaetzle contains no preservatives, making it more nutritious than other pasta, and can be prepared with all types of flour including whole wheat, white, rice and all Gluten-free flour.

Pasta/spaetzle can be added to soup or is served as a side dish.

The pasta taste great fried in butter or olive oil - top with shredded cheese.

A children's favourite is pasta served with applesauce.

Leftovers can be frozen for later use. Just re-heat the pasta in boiling water or heat in the microwave

The Pasta Maker comes with a FREE dough scraper and simple instructions. We have several delicious recipes, including some gluten-free pasta on our recipe blog. Recipes are added regularly, so be sure to bookmark it.

For more information and easy to follow instruction, watch the demo video and learn to prepare your fresh pasta in minutes at a low cost.


I just received the Spaetzle/Pasta Maker 3 days ago. I tried using it and it works great. It's so easy to use. My mother is from Germany and she uses the little stainless steel one to make Spaetzle, she finds it very time consuming, hard work and messy. Yours one makes it very quick.

Thank you very much

-Alexander Romeo
Amersham, Buckinghamshire UK

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