We  have designed a simple gadget that we call the Spaetzle Board and for a low cost, you can create your own fresh pastas in minutes. The stickiness of gluten-free pasta is no problem and you can add your own garlic and basil right into the dough.Frequently Asked Questions



Q. Does the pasta board fit different size pots?

A. YES, use medium to large size pots.

Q. Is the pasta board dishwasher save?


Q. Can I use different flour for my pasta ingredients?

A. YES, buckwheat, teff, amaranth, potato, corn, Soya and tapioca flour can also be used for the pasta dough.

Q. I am allergic to eggs, what can I use instead?

A.  Egg replacement (which you can purchase in the Health Food Store) or Tofu

Q. How does the process work, do you have any diagrams?

A. Yes we do, below is the easy 8 step process.

Step 1.
Step 2.
Step 3.
Step 4.
Step 5.
Step 6.
Step 7.
Step 8.

If you have any questions please-mail them to info@cookingwithnana.com


*** NEW **** Click Here to view a video of the SPAETZLE Board in Action

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